gives back to the community

Effective 1st May 2010, will donate SR250 to the “Technology Foundation of Seychelles” for every .SC domain registered or renewed.  The funds raised by this foundation shall be used for awarding scholarships in the technology field or other worthy sponsorships as shall be decided by the foundation’s board of directors which will include members from technology-based service providers in Seychelles.

In order to accommodate the above contribution whilst also catering for the increased cost of equipment, utilities and labour needed to manage the .SC registry operations, it has been necessary to readjust the registration and renewal fees for Local (Seychelles-based) Companies & Organisations as follows:

Domain Type


Price per annum (SCR)

All Second Level Domains under .SC

SCR 750

Specific Sub Second Level Domains

SCR 750

Sub Second Level Domains for the Seychelles Government Ministries and Departments


Sub Second Level Domains for the Seychelles Educational and Academic Institutions of Seychelles



Note that this is the first time we have found it necessary to re-adjust our local prices since we were appointed the Domain Name Administrator for .SC back in 1995. Also note that the price change shall not affect Foreign Companies, IBC’s & Offshore Companies.

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